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CMX-1738 Chris's Smothering Defeat clip

August 28, 2012

17:19 minutes

Emma challenges Chris to yet another match to see if he could beat her. chris remembers suffering at the hands of Emma last time, and hesitated but agreed. Chris was nervous but confident as the match started. Emma lunges at Chris taking him to the mats, Chris struggles to not go down but Emma is too powerful for his wimpy ass. Chris hits the mats on his back with Emma landing all her 155lbs ontop of him. Chris struggles beneath her not wanting to get pinned, but Emma put his arms high above his head and began her facesitting tactics. Squeezing his head between her thighs  hard Chris taps out over and over. She lifts momentarily then goes right back down onto his face. She uses sexy hand over mouth smothering, depriving chris of all his air,and also noticed that Chris had snot hanging from his nose and she humiliated him by making him eat it. Emma also catches him in  reverse headscissors, and fig four headscissors. Emma punishes him with very powerful nose in ass reverse facesits making Chris gasp for air. At the end she asks "do you give up yet you little bitch?" He made the mistake of saying no, so Emma punishes him with facesitting until he admitted giving up, BUT Emma continued to sit on his face literally until the match fades off. She told us off camera that if she gets the chance to wrestle him again, she's really going to punish him even worse than this time.